Car Key Replacement

Lost your car key's? Need a key made right away?

It can happen to you everyday, you start check your packet’s maybe call to you friend’s or family to check if you forgot them some where but you can’t find you car key’s anywhere.

After a little bit of frustration or even maybe panic you start to look for solution to your problem online.

What are the options for making a key Replacement?

The first option that is probably come to mind is the car dealership, after all they were the one that sold me my car.

This solution can work but can be add up to be expansive. First, the dealership is not mobile which mean you going to have to tow you car to them. and after all that when you check the market prices a lot of time you find out that the your car dealer don’t offer you the cheapest price.

Do I need an original key make to make a replacement key with a locksmith?

Absolutely no! Locksmiths are professionals at service. The first and primary step involves verification of ownership for the vehicle. Once through, they can access the key cutting code that they can get by your VIN  (Vehicle Identification Number) and then they can cut your key’s using that key cutting code.

Transponder keys are safeguarded how could a Mr Spare Key locksmith make them work?

Regardless of the technical complexities of the transponder key’s, our team of well trained and equipped technicians can program and process new transponder keys.

Having access to professionals will get you sorted in no time just give us a call.


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