Our Top Picks for Affordable Cost Effective Smart Locks

If you are looking for a guide on which are the three best smart locks out there, you found it!
These are our favorite affordable smart locks with descriptions of why we think they are the best. At Mr. Spare Key Locksmith, we offer installation of the locks, and do the setup. We can change your lock to one of these beauties or do a fresh installation, meaning we drill a perfect hole in the door and install the lock.

Smart Lock Installation Service

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)


• This is a deadbolt lock.
• Smart Home compatibility is Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple, and HomeKit.
• Connectivity is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
• Number Pad is optional.
• No alarm.
• Codes are unlimited.
• It is with an App.
• Smaller sized.
• Easy to use.
• Wi-Fi is built in.
• Works with a lot of smart home devices.

This is a sleek designed smart lock. It is aesthetically pleasing, and masterfully functional! You can remotely control the lock through your phone from any location. You can give guests or authorized users access. The best part is you can allow one time access or regular access, meaning if you want to let a service person in, you can allow it once without giving permanent access. Talk about modern innovations! Hands full with groceries? No problem, no need to fumble around looking for your keys with one hand. Just push a button. How easy is that, right? With the automatic lock – unlock feature, you never need to check to make sure you locked the door. It has a Door-Sense feature which lets you know if the door is open, closed, locked or unlocked in your Activity Feed. Where can you buy it? We can purchase it for you and do installation or you can buy it yourself online or in store, and call us just for the installation! How awesome is that?!

Schlage Encode Smart Lock with Alarm

• This a deadbolt lock.
• Smart Home Compatibility is Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
• Connectivity is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
• Number Pad is included
• It has an alarm.
• 100 codes!
• It has an App.
• Touchscreen

This awesome lock can be voice controlled if you pair it with Amazon Alexa. You can lock and unlock from your phone, give up to 100 codes to family and friends or Airbnb guests if you ae running one. You can give temporary or permanent access codes, you can send a virtual key to guests via email. It has a low battery indicator to let you know when the battery is getting low, built in alarm technology, and has a fingerprint resistant touch screen. With built in Wi-Fi you can connect it to your internet. It also can be paired with Amazon Cloud Cam to receive in home deliveries and if connected to Alexa, you can ask the lock if it is locked or unlocked and give commands. True luxury at its finest. It works with Schlage Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Key, Ring, Yonomi, and Alexa. It comes in different finishes and styles too. Modern, sleek, secure and awesome!
Where can you buy it? This one is a little pricier (but worth it!). You can buy it through us with an installation and setup package or through Amazon, Schlage directly or other vendors.

Kwikset Halo

• Deadbolt.
• Smart Home Compatibility is Alexa and Google Assistant.
• Connectivity is Wi-Fi.
• It has a Number Pad
• No alarm
• Unlimited Codes
• App is Android/iOS

The most amazing feature of this smart lock is that it is REKEYABLE! If you do not know what Rekey is here is some more information about rekeying. This is a touchscreen lock with Wi-Fi. Up to 250 access codes which you can enable and disable through an app! The SmartKey security feature shields you from sophisticated break in techniques and allows you to rekey your lock in seconds. Paired with Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it can be controlled with voice commands. You can customize the up to 250 access codes to: Anytime, scheduled, for example to let regular cleaning help in, temporary, 24 hour code. Good for if you have a contractor coming for example. Perfect for running an Airbnb too! You can track all activity through the app and it has a low battery indicator. So good. Using the Kwikset app you can manage the locks on multiple homes all at once from your phone. The keypad has a one touch lock button, so full hands are not an inconvenience anymore!
You can temporarily disable the keypad, and it sounds an alarm after the wrong code is entered three times. Security at its best! It comes in a few gorgeous finishes too! Where can you buy it? Through us with an installation and set-up package. or online and contact us about the lock installation. In our opinion, these are the three best options on the market right now.
Call us if you would like to check out other fabulous smart or classic lock options as well!