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From its classic architecture to its manicured boulevards, low crime rate and highly rated schools, Coral Gables is high on the list of Florida’s most desirable cities. Residents have access to terrific dining, shopping, and other first-class amenities. You may not consider a locksmith an essential service — until you need one, of course. That is why residents and visitors to Coral Gables are fortunate to have Mr. Spare Key right in their backyard. Long regarded as South Florida’s premier full-service locksmith, Mr. Spare Key is available seven days a week, 365 days a year, any time of day or night. If you have an emergency or a project that requires our expertise, just call us, and you will be well on your way to a highly satisfying customer experience.

We have built a reputation in the industry for our prompt response and professional approach.Coral Gables Locksmith Near Me Whether it is getting you inside of your locked car or installing sturdy, new locks at your home, Mr. Spare Key stands behind all our work. We prove every day that expert locksmithing does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. Just look us up and check out the glowing feedback and five-star ratings we have received from a plethora of South Florida residents.

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Long gone are the days when you could cut a duplicate copy at a hardware or home improvement store for just a few bucks. That is no longer a possibility with the sophisticated computer systems in today’s vehicles that require fobs embedded with specially programmed chips. Let us face it, car dealerships are in business to make money, and in trying to turn a quick profit will often take advantage of customers who are not aware of alternatives. They will never tell you that places like Mr. Spare Key will custom make a new fob without making you feel like you are paying a ransom.

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We are sure you will agree that locking yourself out of your house can be equally aggravating. Again, help is just one phone call away. We will get you inside in a jiffy and even make duplicate copies of your keys right on the spot if you would like. If the problem is a bit more complex and requires us to install a new lock or doorknob, we will quote you a fair price and immediately get to work. Many of the people throughout South Florida that we help with auto and residential lockout issues are business owners. Impressed with our work, they have decided to entrust their commercial building security to Mr. Spare Key.

Do yourself a big favor and add our information to your contact list right now. Scrambling around to find a good locksmith is just about the last thing you need in an emergency. Remember, we are available around the clock, seven days a week and holidays. We cannot afford to take time off because you cannot afford to be standing outside of your car or home waiting to get in.

Locksmith Coral Gables Zip Codes: 33124, 33133, 33134, 33143.

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Lock Replacement

Are your locks rusted, corroded, worn out, or damaged beyond repair? Call us for lock replacement services in South Florida.


Did you know that you can save money on lock change by rekeying your locks? We provide affordable lock rekey services.

High Security Locks

Mr. Spare Key provides commercial & residential high security and smart lock installation, repair, and setup.

Commercial Locksmith

We are South Florida's go-to locksmith for businesses. We offer all commercial locksmith services.

Automotive Locksmith

We provide expert car locksmith services in South Florida, including car key replacement, rekey, car unlock services, and more.

Residential Locksmith

We provide South Florida with expert residential locksmith services including lock replacement, rekey, lockout services, and deadbolt locks.

Key Replacement

Lost your only car key? Or do you just want a spare? Call us for fast & affordable car key replacement services.

Emergency Locksmith

We provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services in South Florida, including key replacement, lockout services and more.

Car Unlock Services

Locked out of your car? Call us for 24-hour car unlock services in South Florida by professional lockout experts.

Key Fob Programming

Need a car key programmed? We offer programming for a key you have, or we can provide a new key with programming.

Lockout Services

If you are locked out of your home, car, or business. Mr. Spare Key is here to get the door unlocked 24/7.

Key Extraction Services

We provide 24/7 auto, residential, and commercial key extraction services.

Smart Locks

We offer professional 24-hour commercial, and residential smart lock installation, setup, and repair.