Sliding Door Locks And Security

Sliding doors are Florida’s favorite. And they should be! After all, we live in the sunshine state, enjoy the sunshine without the heat inside your air-conditioned home. They allow unobstructed view of your yard, pool, or nature, and they are available sound proofed and impact / hurricane proof. They are elegant and modern, but what about security? The glass in sliding doors is fragile and the locks are usually easily broken into, making them easy for intrusion. If you are wondering if/ how you can make your sliding door secure, here are few ways you should consider.

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Installation of an Alarm System on Your Sliding Door

To make sure you are aware of any tampering with your sliding door while you are asleep or away, install an alarm system as part of your home security. The system will alert you when someone attempts entry without your knowledge or call the security company depending on your settings and system. Some of the alarm systems available to you are affordable and easily installed. They can be installed on the sliding glass or the door frame, preferably somewhere less noticeable and hard to reach. An attempted illegal entry will trigger the alarm that may ward off the intruder or notify your neighbors to call in the police or time to react.

Installation of Blocking Bars in the Sliding Door Track

For additional security, secure your door with blocking bars. Latches and ordinary locks on sliding doors can be pushed out or jimmied easily by burglars. With the dowels and blocking bars, a burglar will not be able to enter your home even after jimmying the lock. Why? The blocking bar is designed to fit into the door tracks and, when installed, block the door from being opened. To install the blocking bars, get a wood or metal rod that is small enough to fit snugly into the track. Check that they are of the correct length and shape, so they stay firmly in the track without moving when strong force is applied.

High Security Locks For Slide Door

Sometimes the blocking bars may not be able to prevent a break-in. An experienced burglar can lift the door off the track to bypass the blocking bars. To prevent this, install a metal screw on the frame of your sliding door. The screw will prevent your door from being lifted beyond a particular height. Install High Security Locks If you want to improve the security of your sliding door, you will have to invest in high security locks. High security locks come made with tamper-proof features and several layers of lock systems. Because these locks are usually not accessible from outside, they are harder to break into and thus provide better security for your home.

Reinforce Your Sliding Door with Window Film

Sliding doors are not the most secure doors to have. Intruders can break the glass easily and break in. To secure your door, coat it with a polyethylene coating. The coating is a heavy-gauge plastic that protects your door to make it shatterproof. This will maintain the strength of the glass and prevent a break-in. Whichever path you take to secure your sliding doors, you will need to do your due diligence to make it is your best option. Always keep your doors locked when you are sleeping. Repair any damage to the door or the lock and ensure that your home security is all it should be. At Mr. Spare Key, we take your security seriously and are available to help you make the best choice. Call us today!