24-Hour Commercial & Residential Smart Lock Installation Services Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami-Dade Counties

24-Hour Commercial and Residential Smart Lock Installation, Repair, Setup, and Rekey Services in South Florida by licensed and insured locksmith in South Florida.

Commercial & Residential Smart Lock Installation in South Florida

Mr. Spare Key offers smart lock installation, setup, rekey, and repair services. We are a local, licensed and insured, mobile, 24-hour locksmith company, serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. All our parts and services are guaranteed for 30 days. We have invested in extensive training for our locksmiths, a large stock of commercial and residential smart locks, deadbolts, and doorknobs, OEM & aftermarket car keys, state of the art machines, and tools, all to ensure that when you need a locksmith right now, we are ready and able to assist you with any lock and key need you may have. Our locksmiths are experts at installing smart locks. We offer a large selection of commercial and residential smart locks, and we offer installation and setup for a smart lock you purchased. You can call us any time for 24-hour commercial and residential smart lock installation, setup, and repair in South Florida.

Smart locks are a hotly desired product, and with good reason. smart lock locksmith south flloridaThey make your life more convenient and can save you valuable time, as we know time is money. Smart locks can save you money on rekey as many of them are one button rekey, you will never lose your keys, and they can make your home or business more secure if they are high security smart locks or have alarm connectivity and cameras. Customers often ask how much a smart lock costs. The prices can range from $30 to $1000 depending on the lock you choose. There is a large array of options to choose from. Many have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant connectivity, alarm connectivity, or security camera connectivity. For residential purposes, smart locks can be great because you can get your deliveries inside your home with some, you can grant one time access to workers, or control your lock from your smart device.

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Commercial Smart Lock Installation South Florida

For commercial lock purposes, smart locks can make a huge difference. If you run a hospitality business, you almost must have a smart lock. They can save you so much time as you can allow guests a one-time code or temporary code for entry. If your business is one that requires extremely high security such as a jewelry business or bank, locks with features such as biometric entry can be a large security improvement. Even office buildings can greatly benefit from smart locks because if an employee leaves the office, for security purposes, it is extremely important that they no longer have access to the office. The same is true for any retail business. High security commercial smart locks can save you money on rekey services if you have an angry previous employee, upgrade the security of your business through remote monitoring, alarm connectivity, and camera connectivity, and most importantly, save you a lot of time which is money. If you need to let workmen in, cleaning services, or anyone else who should only have temporary access, rather than needing to lock and unlock for them in person, you can do it from your device and monitor remotely.

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Mr. Spare Key provides commercial & residential high security and smart lock installation, repair, and setup.

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