Car Locksmith in Hollywood Florida

Need a local and reliable car locksmith in Hollywood Florida? We at Mr. Spare Key locksmith take great pride in our car locksmith services in Hollywood Florida. From a basic older car lockout with a Slim Jim, to a complex new from scratch all keys and fobs lost case. Our technicians work around the clock to give great service and most importantly FAST service!
We know that being locked out of your car or losing your car keys is a scary situation, that is why our average response time is 25 minutes for emergency car locksmith service needed in Hollywood and nearby cities.

Car Unlock Service in Hollywood

Locked out of your car and searching online for a reliable car unlock service near me? Mr. Spare Key will send you a local Hollywood locksmith technician to you location to unlock your car and get you back on the road. Call us now for the fastest vehicle lockout service in Hollywood.
Car Key Replacement and Fob Programming Services
Have a regular transponder key to your vehicle and want to upgrade to remote key? Mr. Spare Key Locksmith Hollywood is here to help you 24/7 when you lose your key. Car key replacement, key duplication, fob programming, or an extra key, we do it all.

Lauderdale By The Sea Locksmith Near Me
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Car door and trunk rekey

Because they are doors and not the ignition sometimes to make a new key the door or trunk needs to be rekeyed instead of a key being cut from the VIN. Our team of experts can do this service. If you’ve searched for “car door rekey near me” you’ve probably already found that most locksmiths can’t do it. We have a training course for our locksmith technicians however, and we make sure the most complex jobs are included in the training.

Ignition Change or Repair

We offer auto ignition change services. Ignitions have issues for a lot of reasons. One of them can be if a damaged key was jammed in. Whatever the reason, if you need an ignition change call the most qualified locksmith service in Hollywood. Mr. Spare Key Locksmith service!

Car Key Replacement in Hollywood FL

Car not detecting proximity / push to start key
This is a quite common problem. The first thing I recommend doing is changing the fob battery. If you want to do an easy test to see if your fob battery might be low, hold it right up to the button and if it works then but not farther away it’s likely that’s the issue. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest you call us and we’ll get you a replacement fob and program it to the car for you. It’s important to do this as soon as possible (and also important to always have a spare) because next time you might not be able to start the car at all and then you could be stuck in a the heat, or cold ,or a bad situation, waiting for an emergency locksmith to come and program a new proximity fob for you.

Urgent Auto Locksmith On A Call

Urgent service needs to be right now. Because it needs to be right now, you do not have time to shop around for the best locksmith or best price. Which can make you end up with sub-par service. So in short, if your push to start fob is starting to have weak detection, call us immediately and we’ll head right over and help you out!