Where To Get Keys Near Me

Are you searching for a location to get keys from? No need! We are a local locksmith service in Miami Dade-Broward-Palm Beach Counties, close to you and the best part is we come to you with the keys. We also cut them and program them (if car keys with a chip). We offer all types of keys; Car keys, house keys, office, warehouse, mailbox, safe, window, shed keys and more!

Duplicate car keys With Chip

Local Locksmith Service

Why get spare Keys? Well firstly if you have only one car key and lose it, it will cost much more to get a new key with nothing to copy from than if you had one to copy the cut from. You may find yourself with no key and stuck somewhere when you really do not have time for it or you are in a bad situation and need to drive away quickly but it cannot happen because you do not have a spare key. If you have only one house key it is a similar issue. If you have no key at all your locks will likely have to be rekeyed to work with another key. If you had a spare and got locked out, you would only need the door opened which of course costs less. When it comes to business or office keys having a spare is imperative. You cannot afford to lose business or work time just because you misplaced your key.

Cheap Car Key Replacement

What if you lost your only key? Well hindsight is 20/20 so NOW you know having a spare would have been a good idea, but that does you no good at this moment. Do not feel bad, it happens to almost everyone. Very few people think about it before it happens to them and then they make sure they always have a spare going forward. No matter what type of key, car, house, mailbox, etc; We can make you a key even if you do not have one to copy from. What about proximity / push to start keys? No problem, we can provide you with proximity fobs and program them to your vehicle in minutes as well! We can serve you for less than the dealership AND we come to you so you do not need to tow the car if you lost the only key!

Residential Key Fob Entry System

You may be searching for new locks as well, and we definitely have a lot of options for you to shop through! We have classic deadbolts and doorknobs, smart locks with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, voice-controlled locks, combo, keypad, fingerprint entry, alarm connected locks and more! We offer installation and repair services for almost any lock you can think of. Business / Commercial, Automotive and Residential. You name it, we do it! Why should you choose us as your go-to service? We are reliable, honest, fairly priced, licensed, bonded and insured and all our technicians have been through extensive training. We prioritize you and your satisfaction is our goal. Because of that attitude and hard work, we have earned top rated status. You can google us (please!) and read our reviews. Give us a call and let us wow you!