How Do You Know If You Need to Replace Your Locks?

How Do You Know If You Need to Replace Your Locks?

Sometimes you can save money by rekeying or repairing the existing lock, other times a lock change is needed. So how do you determine if your goals can be met by rekeying or repairing the lock, or if you need to change the whole lock? In this short article, we will provide a few pointers to help you find out what is the best option for you and what your choices are.

First, we will explain when a rekey service can help you. A rekey service will only help if you want to keep your original lock, but you need to change the key that opens it. Lock repair works if the lock is broken or an internal spring is sticky which is causing the lock to be hard to open.

So, when is lock change needed?

  • Your lock has been destroyed by a break in or attempted break in.
  • If you turn the cylinder several times to unlock the door.
  • If your lock is low security.
  • You want to upgrade to a smart lock or high security lock.

How much does lock change usually cost?

Residential lock change generally ranges from $45-$250 depending on the lock you get. Commercial lock change usually costs between $100-$1000.

What locks can you choose from?

Residential lock options include but are not limited to:

  • Smart locks with high security deadbolts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, alarm connectivity, and camera connectivity.
  • High security residential deadbolts in many different modern and classic finishes and styles.
  • Security plates can be added to your existing lock or a new lock to make it harder for criminals to break in.
  • Keypads can be extremely convenient and high security.
  • Smart key locks make it harder for criminals to pick the lock and can greatly increase your home security.

Commercial lock options include but are not limited to:

  • High security push / panic bars and exit security devices which can connect to the alarm system and greatly increase the security of your business as well as the safety of your employees in case of a fire.
  • Commercial smart locks which can increase your business’s security as well as be more time efficient because you do not have to keep so many keys and you can give guests, workers, or employees their own access code with some of the commercial smart locks, which can be changed easily. The commercial smart locks can also connect to your alarm systems in many cases.
  • High security commercial deadbolts as well as security plates.
  • Keypads can increase the security of your business as well.
  • High security commercial mortise locks with smart features.
  • Access controls and magnetic locks.

Our lock and key experts can help you determine exactly what lock option meets your specific needs and fits into your price range. You can call us 24/7 for a price quote for lock change, rekey, repair, and fresh installation services at affordable rates.



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