How to Choose a Commercial Locksmith

How to Choose a Commercial Locksmith

If you are a business owner and you have never had to engage the services of a locksmith before, it can be truly daunting to try to figure out what you should be looking for in a qualified commercial locksmith company to handle your business’s lock and key needs. We wrote this short guide to try to help you out on the basic requirements you should look for when screening a commercial locksmith service provider.

Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

These are the number one requirements, no matter what type of commercial locksmith job you need done, even if it is just a business lockout service. Why is each one so important? Well, if your county requires a locksmith license or even just a standard business license, you do not want to work with a shady company that does not comply with local laws. Bonding is so important because locksmith companies can get a lot of calls at any given moment and the companies employees may be fully booked up with emergency calls. When that happens, most companies will send a subcontractor to you because they must take care of all customers who need emergency service. Subcontractors are not covered by standard business insurance policies and so bonding is extremely important because it is an insurance for work performed by the subcontractor. Insurance is of utmost importance for several major reasons. Commercial locksmiths are generally handling extremely expensive doors, locks, and safes, and so in the rare occasion that damage may be caused, you do not want to wait months to get it handled, you need to have an insured locksmith who’s insurance company can handle it immediately.

Reviews and References

You are choosing a professional to entrust with what is likely your whole income and a major investment being your business. You deserve to know for certain that you are working with a company that has a high average review and you should ask for references and they should be provided. This is even more the case if you need a less common job performed such as access control installation, because the last thing you want is a locksmith who is not experienced to come and “wing it” on your business.

Guaranteed Parts

After you pay a rather large sum to get work done by a professional, the worst thing would be for the lock to be faulty or the safe to have problems, and then you call the locksmith back, only to find out that there is no guarantee. When engaging a commercial locksmith to do any service more than a lockout, you should make sure there is at least a 30 day guarantee on the parts. If there is none offered, we suggest you continue your search for a great commercial locksmith.


There are many other factors that make a commercial locksmith service a great commercial locksmith service, but these are top requirements everyone should have when searching for a commercial locksmith.



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