Car Key Replacement in Davie FL

Lost Key Fob in Davie Florida

Here at Mr. Spare Key, we get calls quite often from customers who are curious about how the process goes when you get a car key replaced by a locksmith. Below, we will write a short summary of a job we did in Davie on Sunday, so you can get an example of how it will go when you call Mr. Spare Key Locksmith to replace your car keys.

This past Sunday, we got a call from a customer at 7 pm who had lost his only Dodge Dakota 2010 key. He was in a hurry to get home and late for a dinner with his family. The customer called us and said he needs a locksmith to come to his location in the next 30 minutes and replace his car key. We asked him where he was located, checked how far the technician was, it was only 20 minutes away so we told him no problem, we will have a mobile locksmith at your location in Davie within 20 minutes. The customer asked how much it will be, we told him the price before sending the locksmith. The locksmith got there, asked him for his ID and registration to prove ownership before making him a key.

The locksmith then connected his programmer, and programmed the new key to the car, purchased a code to cut the key from scratch as there was no key to copy from, and gave the customer his new key within 10 minutes of his arrival to the customer’s location. The customer paid with a credit card and went home.

Good Customer Service is Our Top Priority as Davie Locksmith Service

On Monday morning we got a call back from the customer, he said he never wanted to find himself in the situation of having no key again so he would like to get a spare so that if it happens again, his daughter who lives nearby could keep a spare and bring it to him. He asked how much for the spare, we told him for this key $189 with programming included and informed him that all the keys we did for him have a 30-day guarantee. He was delighted and asked us to send the locksmith right away and make him 2 copies for that price. We then told him that as a policy, the 2nd key is 50% off so it would be even less. He was even happier then! The locksmith came, made him 2 duplicate keys, and left him a very happy customer.

We hope that this summary helped you understand how to get a car key replacement in Davie, FL. Call us here at Mr. Spare Key, anytime of day or night, weekend, or holiday, to learn more and get pricing for your next locksmith job in Davie, FL, or the surrounding areas. We provide mobile, affordable, automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith service in all South Florida. All our work and parts are guaranteed for 30 days, and you will always receive a price estimate and ETA before a locksmith comes to your location.