Lock Repair

Looking for a lock repair pro? You're in the right place.

We at Mr Spare Key Locksmith do our best to repair broken locks, we don’t want to see our costumers spend unnecessary money. Call us today for any lock problem you have!

How Could I Know That My Lock Need A Repair Services?

It is very easy to spot when your lock is no longer working the same way, because you use it frequently, even a slight change in the way your lock is operates, you will usually notice.

Repair Or Replace The Lock?

That’s a question a lot of customers usually ask us, it’s depend. If your lock is very old and during time he’s security my didn’t defected, we usually recommend to upgrade your security by changing the lock’s.

But, a lot of time the problem in the lock is small like he got dirty inside the cylinder or the pin’s inside the cylinder got smaller from overuse, and a professional locksmith can discover and solve the problem quickly and save you some time and money on a new hole lock.

How Long Can It Take For A Locksmith To Spot The Problem?

Usually an experienced locksmith can spot the problem in a few a minutes after he see’s the lock.

To repair the lock, if it’s possible it’s usually take between to 20-40 minutes. Depend on the lock type and problem it may take even longer time.

Is It Worth To Repair A Lock?

If your lock is from a good brand and been made in recent years and have a good security it’s usually cheaper to save a lock like this then buy a new one. After all you don’t want to install cheap lock’s to protect your property.


Need To Know More About Repairing Your Lock?

If you feel that you lock is not turning as it use to, do not hesitate and give us a call today for a free consult with a professional.