Lock Rekey

What is Lock Rekey?

Re-Key is the name of the process of changing a cylinder from one variation of the key-cut to a different one. After the re-key is done the old key will no longer work on the cylinder and only the new key will work.

Why To Rekey A Lock?

Re-Key a lock help you if you wish to have one key for multiple lock’s, it’s also a cheaper way home and business owners to change the key without changing the whole lock after a tenant or an employee just leave and they not sure if he have the key.

It is also a good solution for people who just lost their key’s and afraid because they don’t know who can find it.

Just Move To A New Place, Re-Key Or Replace The Lock?

When you just moved in to a new place, first check the exist lock’s if they are high quality from well known brand’s it will be a wast of money for you to change the whole lock, and you should just re-key it.

if you lock’s in the new place a low grade and look like they are easy to break or old, you may want to change them into something better.


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