House Lock Change

Do I Need House Lock Change Often?

House lock change should not be a regular thing, most locks are built to last for years. But sometimes changing your house will be wise for a bunch of reasons, there is the top three reasons.

1. Better Security.

The top reason why people change their house locks is for better security, in time with technology the lock that we familiar as changed, these days there is a lot of variations of keypad lock’s in the market along with other smart locks that you can open without any key.

There are also a lot of other lock technologies like the smartkey by kwikset or securekey by schlage both are user-rekeyable lock that protect the lock from lock-picking or bump key.

2. lost key's.

A lot of people change their lock’s because they lost their key’s, you can never know who can find it, an honest locksmith check first if the lock can be picked and re-key it to a new key.

* Like we mentioned in reason number 1 there are some lock’s that a locksmith cannot pick so he may damage them, it’s usually happen when the customer is locked out of his house, and damage smart-key lock is on the only way to get the customer back inside to his house.

3. tenant just move in or out.

Another very common reason to why people change their house lock’s is that a tenant just moved in or out from their residential property.

They want to change their lock’s to feel safe that no one else have the key to their house, a lot of time these people not aware that in this situation a good and reliable locksmith can just re-key their lock’s and save them some good amount of money.


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